Pain in the back of the head on bad days

I am 14 months post-decompression. I’ve noticed on bad days - the kind of days when you don’t want to get out of the bed - that I have pain in the back of my head and neck, like I have been hit with a 2x4. Does anyone else get this? It is not like a headache, more like soreness/aching but very extreme.

Yes, I get that. I can never tell if it’s my head or my neck. It’s worse if I get a little dehydrated.

Yes lots of pressure and achiness. Tylenol and other meds don’t seem to help for me. Still looking for that magic fix.

If it makes you feel any better, I have not had the surgery and I feel like that every day! I am so sorry for your pain. My daughter did tell me to try and keep hydrated and it has helped a little. I am having trouble finding a doctor that will listen to me and I lay here in pure desperacy and pain. How can I get someone to here my cry!!?

Sorry hear my cry… My eyes were watery…

I go for decompression on Monday Jan. 6th. My head/neck pain feels similar to when you hit your elbow "funny bone". My neck and the top of my head have a very painful sensation, along with "buzzing" or pins and needles. The doctors kept throwing migraine medications at me until I made an appointment with a NL. He then referred me to a NS. I am hoping that the decompression will, at the very least, alleviate it because the migraine and NSAID medications don't do anything for it. Best of luck to you.