Pain between shoulder blades

I had my decompression surgery on June 19. I had some issues and ended up having emergency surgery on July 23 for a CSF leak.

For the most part since then I have done really well. I've had some pains they can't figure out what it is, I've had random fever they can't figure out and I've had issues with an elevated heart rate/blood pressure.

Well, the last couple of days, I have had a pain/pressure/tightness (not sure what to call it) on my spine right at the bottom of where the shoulder blades are. I'm not sure what it is or what is causing it, just wondering if it is something any of y'all have had and if it might be Chiari related.

Tonight, I'm also having issues on the left side of my face...the jaw area is sore, but as you go up the side of the face, it becomes tingly and at the cheekbone/temple area is numb. This is new, I haven't had this before at all.

I don't know if this all stems from my neck muscles trying to heal or what it is.

Has anyone had these problems before? Is it Chiari related or something else? Is this something I need to go see my doc about?

I just don't know.....just asking for advice.

I have not been diagnosed with anything else, just the Chiari. I was diagnosed with that in April via CT and confirmed in May via MRI with a different doctor when the first one would not do the MRI.

I've never had a full spine MRI or a cine MRI. Since surgery, I've read several places where people have said you should have a full spine MRI before decompression.

My doc has been pretty awesome, I'm sure if I ask he'll do it for me. I guess I just need to call tomorrow.