No one is home

Has anyone experienced “no one is home” ? My husband brought this to my attention and I wasn’t aware of it. I thought I was just thinking, but he was talking to me one day and he said I it looked like nobody was home. My eyes were open I was staring at him yet he thought I looked empty. He said it scared him cause it looked like a type of seizure. I’ve never had seizures before and so I don’t know what he was experiencing could be. Makes me wonder if my chiari friends have ever experienced this? Should I be concerned?

That’s what I thought it was “a zoned out moment”, but he said it looked different than my zoned out moments. He only addressed it once so I am just going to take the wait and see approach. Hopefully it was nothing. Thanks for responding Susan :slight_smile:

Hi Dawn:

I hope you can bring this up to your doc..soon..

I get that 'zoned out' look and brain fog quite a bit..more so when i am under stress.

good luck, keep us posted.

God Bless,


Until I went off all the pain medication (and I was never on very much) I was foggy in the head and sometimes a little confused feeling. That doesn't happen anymore, but I do sometimes just fall asleep; I don't feel sleepy or anything, just instantly go out even if I'm sitting up sometimes after sleeping 9 hours or so the night before. I hate it when it happens in the middle of a TV show and I don't get to see the ending. I'll wake up an hour or two later feeling fine maybe it's just that I needed some rest!!!! But, it never happened before the surgery, so don't know.



Carla, I borrowed this from my friend, Lisa and I'll share it with you. I tell my husband that God didn't think his life was exciting or interesting enough, so he gave him ME!!! Maybe it'll work on your husband....or at least give him a chuckle. I think that is just such a great line. I wouldn't trade my husband either.....and I don't think he would trade me either inspite of the after l0:30 (almost always) late night visits to the ER - and, of course, after he was already in bed. That hasn't happened since my surgery and he IS happy about that.

Abby, usually I am such a night owl; so don't know what happens on those times when I just fall asleep. When I worked I got by on about 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night!



Carla Stone said:

Yes, mine does too - usually laugh I mean. There are just times I can tell that he is frustrated with me. I don't blame him, I'm sure it gets old dealing with this stuff day in and day out from his perspective too. He is really wonderful and understanding most of the time. I cherish him and wouldn't trade him for the world!


I have trouble falling asleep at night because my slipped disks bother me more when I lie down.....So I stay up petty late every night and watch entirely too much TV I guess (or read). I fall asleep in front of the TV sometimes and sleep for an hour or so and then get up to shower I get to sleep around 2 or 3 AM and....then... I sleep until about 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. As my daughter would say this is probably TMI (Too much information) . My husband says I just have my days and nights turned around.....he might be right but I'm not admitting to it LOL. I am never giving in to getting older. I'm still feel l8 inside even if the body is not cooperating! Remember "Every day in every way, we are getiting better" - not older. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.



Abby, I would say that free fertilizer is a good thing, but...then....there is the poo and the bear....that's a no dealer for me too! We live on four aces in the woods, not on a mountain, and we have lots of wildlife too, some we like and some not so much. I can't have a garden because they eat everything - works out o.k. now because I don't feel like doing it anyway. I put a picture of some of my l7 deer who hang around and lay in my yard to get some sun on my page. We don't feed anything though and we don't have a compost garden so we don't have a problem with that......haven't seen any bears yet, thank goodness! I do love to sit out on my deck and eat and/or just listen to the is so quiet and peaceful here, so you would probably love it. When my dogwoods bloom down my driveway and I figure out how to put the pictures from my phone and my camera on here, I will post some. I love to look at the mountains and to visit, but No more living up on the mountains for me; my prerequisite for a house is a "flat" driveway. I grew up on the third street up on a mountain (almost to the top)and then had to walk up 52 steps from the street to my front door.....OMGosh!!!

Thanks for all the input ladies…I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. ((HUGS))


I have had experiences like this and sometimes they are seizures. It depends if you know what is going on around you at the time these (what I like to call) "Mini Vacations" are going on. This is something that you should also bring to you NL or NS attention. I unfortunately can't remember what my NL told was the way to figure out if they are in fact seizures, so I don't want to give you the wrong information. I will ask him again and let you know what he says. Sorry I couldn't be of help, but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Good luck and I will keep you posted.

Much Love and Prayers,