Night lights and brain affects? Say whaaa?

Can the color of a night light have a neurological affect? Tonight, my 3 year old turned on his new Spiderman night light at bedtime. When I layed down with him, the dim red light seemed to be very soothing. My brain felt like it had just been given a cupcake. Stop laughing. Know how strange that sounds and the other ties to…uhm, red lights. No relation there. Decided to research the topic and found this interesting article-

Wicked, huh? Do any of you have any issues with light sensitivity? I’m hypersensitive to fluorescent lighting and notice eye fatigue from different light sources. Strobe lights make me dizzy, as do flashing lights, like, from a police car. Anyone else??? Anyone? Bueller?

I’ve got a BA in Psych and am certainly no doctor, neuro, or therapist, I love learning about the brain. Some of the CM information discusses visual symptoms and I’m curious. Earlier today, spoke to a friend who says he has a few Chiari patients and that perked my ears up. Not sure what he does for the treatment, but found that information interesting. (Dr. Charles Shidlofsky, Neuro-Optometrist, Plano, TX).

If any brave souls want to test out this crazy red light special, I’d love to know what you thought! (and maybe, that I’m not some nut job weird light lover) The way I see it is…our brains are different. Our processing, our feelings, our pain. Our sneaky, wandering past the border tinkers create a pain that no one feels. The pressure and effects of the brain not being all perky and crap certainly take it toll. You know, we know it. Our friends and family may not get it, but thank God there’s others who get it. Maybe it’s just my brain that’s tired from a days work of getting all jiggy with my Spinal cord, but it certainly gave me a calm, restful and warm fuzzy feeling. Now…how to steal a lamp from my own kid?? :slight_smile:

Im Ashley. I’m a newbie. 31, from west Texas and just got my diagnosis yesterday. Finally. Best feeling ever. In pain for 12 years. Last 3 years have been getting progressively worse. Been through the medical ringer on the quest for an answer and confirmation that I’m not just crazy and making it all up. Main symptoms are neck and shoulder pain, tingling and numbness in hands and feet, loss of motor skills in hands, shaking hands, migraines, nausea, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, depression, dizziness and here lately dropping like a dang fainting goat if not getting enough sleep. Doctor after doctor, scan after scan, disappointment, hopelessness and worry. I look forward to getting to know you all and have enjoyed catching up on the discussions. Very thankful for this group and looking forward to making friends.

Laughter is good medicine, here’s a little something to watch…and rewind over and over and over.

Ashley, we are glad you are here. I know nothing about the colors, but interested…where can I find a red light in my house…? I’m so glad you finally got a diagnosis. Suffering for years with no explanation or help is mental anguish.


I just read the article, all new to me and interesting.

Very Interesting !!!

I hadn’t heard about red light but my neurologist has been bugging me to try a light box that is specially designed to calm u, help with depression and pain. I haven’t gotten it yet though.

We got a light called DeamSpa from for my son, Ben, about a year ago. I had heard and used it at my Dentist after having surgery! I became more interested and got it. Ben used it for a month, but then stopped using! I just broke my foot and used it to help heal it. Use it all the time, it’s always out. Some people can’t stand the lights on their eyes! Helps with a lot of other health problems. Look on it’s web site or google it…
The DreamSpa™ DreamSpa - most advanced light therapy

This site is a life saver.....

My right pupil dilates alot more than my right in certain lighting

My right pupil constricts with the headaches. Blue light soothes me too.

I am having this image of dozens of chairians sneaking into children's bedrooms and making off with their night lights. It'll be particularly awkward for those of us without kids. But, in the name of science and research, some sacrifices must be made.

On a more serious note, I have never heard about this red light theory but I have prescribed clients lights for seasonal affective disorder in the past and had them work wonders.

I also want to say that while stealing from your own child does seem to be a small step over the line, I think that with the right argument (i.e. he'll benefit in the long run by my indulgence of brain cupcake joy), you can justify the act. Of course, as I am having fond memories of my mom laying beside me as I fell asleep as a little boy, I would cast a vote for lots of cuddle time.

So, I'm off to make arrangements with my friends down the street for dinner. They have an eight year old and I'm pretty sure he likes Spider Man.

This seems to happen A LOT. I've noticed it more lately when your head has the "funny" feeling and/or headaches. :(

princess98 said:

My right pupil dilates alot more than my right in certain lighting