Newly diagnosed and frustrated

I am a 24 year old female with two young children(2 and 3). I have had migraines for 16 years. About a year ago I started to get intense headaches whenever I bent over or did any exercise the required me to hang my head(yoga, push ups etc). I have also been having increasing dizzy spells and nausea. My arm and feet had been getting tingly and it seemed to be harder to swallow and breathe(like there was a catch in my throat). Being a doctors daughter, I don’t really go see the doctor unless I am violently ill. Well, a couple of weeks ago I lost feeling in my right arm and vision in my right eye. That’s when they did an MRI and found an 18 mm Chiari. I went to the family doctor and she spoke to a neurologist on the phone who said he didn’t think I needed surgery ( without seeing me or my MRI). The primary care physician is hesitant to send me to a neurosurgeon because she said they are too quick to jump to surgery. I can’t handle this dizziness anymore. What do I do?

Thank you so much for the advice. My appointment with the neurologist was moved to tomorrow instead of Wednesday, so I’m sure I will have more questions to ask tomorrow night!