New to all this need advice

I was recently found to have CM1 and for the last day and a half have had a headache. I don't go to the neurologist until the 17th and I'm curious what medicine helps with the headaches. I can get into my internist soon and could get him to prescribe me something. I have been using tramadol 50mg for now which I have for my blown lumbar disc and it doesn't seem to do much. I also have some muscle relaxers and migraine meds. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

Unfortunately most of us have no relied from meds. My headache has Bren constant for 8 months now.

Welcome and I hope others can be more help.

I'm sorry to say that I have to agree with Mindy, not much is helping me either. The neck pain and shoulder pain is being somewhat helped my muscle relaxers though. Aleve, topamax, verapamil, tylenol, migraine meds wasn't doing anything for my headaches. It's very frustrating. I'm sorry about your diagnosis. I hope you are able to find something that works for you.

Maybe just sleep and rest as often as possible.


Sorry that you are suffering so...

I am curious...have you seen a Neurosurgeon yet??? Now this is just my experience...I had no help, none...from NL's....the ones I saw kept telling me that Chiari was NOT causing all these symptoms...

I had decompression surgery 3 yrs ago with good results...meaning that even though I still have problems...they are better than before...some Sx's have gone away completely for the most part, others have gotten better..such as the dreaded Chiari H/A....I get a doozie every now and then and I take Fiorocet for that...gotta catch it in time though...balance issues still haunt me. My visual problems are still with me...get this..eyes are 'healthy' yet I still get blurry vision and have about 3 different strenths of readers. Weird.

For your H/A's ..have you tried putting an ice pack on both your forehead and neck??? You'd be surprised that it does help..for me anyway..of course...I must lay down in a dark, quite room. My sister puts Ben-Gay on her forehead..she has Chiari..but it helps her.

Hope you feel ok today...again..WELCOME!!


Thanks for all the info so far! Here is how it has all layed out. I have been seeing a neurosurgeon for my back and I told him about the headaches so he sent me back to the NL who is in the same group as him to get the MRI. I am seeing a specialist at Univ. of Michigan for the sarcoidosis and psoriatic arthritis and he wanted to see the MRI before he would treat the other 2 diseases incase my problem was neurosarc. I got a copy of the MRI results and read them. The report said CM1. I called the NL to find out about it they said we would discuss it when I go in. Well the CM1 explains a lot of symptoms I am having with no known cause. I will get to the NS soon I’m sure since I am already a dealing with him for other issues. If I don’t feel comfortable with what he is saying I will have my specialist at UofM set me up with a doc their. I have been battling 2 other diseases that I have learned how to be my own advocate as the sarc is hartd to find a doctor who knows anything about it. So I know I may have to be my own advocate again. Not looking forward to that! Thanks again.
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