So, I had my yearly MRI about 6 days ago. I have not heard anything from my doctor, but did get an interesting phone call today booking an URGENT MRI for first thing in the morning.

Now I am a bit stressed out, I am afraid of what they found or think they found or saw. I have not yet heard anything from my doctor directly.

I knew I have been feeling significantly worse over the last month to 2 months but wrote it off to being back at work.

AHHHH, kinda freaking out but it is in my nature not to let those close to me know how it affects me.

The MRI Tech claims that my CINE MRI this year was the first they had done on the brand new MRI machine and that the results came out drastically different (worse) than last years. She says they called me in to redo the test on the old machine to compare the results and tried to assure me that everything is ok.

I am pretty claustaphobic but know I can get out of the machine so I can usually calm myself down, but I realized today just how much weight I have gained over the last year from my meds when they slid me into that old machine and I nearly had to squeeze the emergency ball before she left the room. To top it off after she finished the test, she comes on and says hang in there I want to run another test....just testing something out......Now that I am typing this I wonder if something came up diffrent in this machine as well since she ran a second test while I was there.

always get copies of ALL testing that is done as well as ALL reports/findings. hang in there!

heck no they wouldnt be sticking me in those machines w/o anything they tried it once and it didnt work for them- needless to say they learned in a quick hurry i needed a medication aid.

Dittto on what Lisa said.

We are here for you..let us know how we all can help....even if it is just someone to let it out with...ya know....let out your fear and frustration.....we are all in this toggether!!!

Merry Christmas,