Need advice on good bed

I need some info/help with beds. i have had a lumbar fusion, cervical fusion, chiari decompression and laminoplasty(09/23/14) and finally a tethered cord surgery (3/13/14). I have had very bad trouble sleeping in bed as usually I can only sleep in bed a couple of hours before becoming in excruciating pain. I was hoping this surgery would take care of this and it has not. I can sleep for about 4-6 hours in bed, but when I get up, I need a walker to get out of bed and every step is so painful, i cannot even explain how bad. Right now, i have a pretty firm mattress. However, my last one was softer and had a cushy pad on top and I still had trouble. Can anyone please share some tricks, insight, what has worked for you and if anyone had had these types pf surgery and have a bed they love, i would love to know what it is. I am desperate at this point and could really use some input. Thanks Karen

You should perhaps consider one of the beds that are automatically adjustable so you can adjust position during the night. Sometimes a person's body needs the change in position and elevation to be more comfortable.