Just found out I have tethered cord and looks like I have to have another surgery. Really need encouragement and info from anyone who has this

I had a follow up appt. With Dr. Heffez today for my Chiari Decompression along with Cervical Laminoplasty which was on 9/23/13. Still having a lot of pain in different areas. Dr. Heffez sent me for an MRI today to see if I had Tethered Cord and he just called to tell me I do. I have to call tomorrow to make appointment to discuss surgery. Right now I am devastated, I really need some encouragement and maybe some insight from someone who has been thru it. I have had Lumbar Laminectomy, Lumbar Fusion, Cervical Fusion, and I thought the Chiari Decompression and Cervical Laminoplasty would be the end. I am so distraught. I am sure you are all burdened with the medical bills which go along withour illness. My poor husband is the only one who can work and we are barely getting by now trying to pay medical bills, and now we are going to have another one. Also my Lumbar Fusion was the worst as far as pain and I am scared to go thru this. Please prat for me and my family and if anyone has anything to say that might ease my mind, I sure would appreciate it. Thanks Karen

Karen, I am so sorry you are going through this. I can understand why you are so upset. That being said, I am also glad you found out why you are still having pain and that there is a fix (not an easy fix I know :frowning:

You and your husband, and bank account, have been through a tremendous ordeal. We all hope that one surgery will be the ticket, and for some people it is, but for the rest of us it has to be thought of as a journey. I know you’re disheartened but this may be the last push to get you back to being the person you want to be. Allow yourself a good, long cry if you need it, there is plenty to be upset about. But Then focus on what you want for your future and know you have a lot of friends here who are cheering you on, and who want you to feel good again.


Thank you Abby and Jenn for your encouraging words. It is so frustrating not being able to do what I used to and to have to rely on others. It is also hard to not be able to do more with our son. I see Dr. Heffez Tuesday to go over findings and plan. I am so upset to have another hurdle when I thought I was getting better. Even though it stinks, I have no choice but to fight my was through. I love this site and the people who are so giving to help strangers get through some very difficult things, so thank you. Has anyone gone through this surgery? I guess another option is cutting the nerve, however, I don't know in what kind of situation they do this.

Karen, you can always search old discussions for tethered cord surgery by typing key words into the search bar at the top of the discussions page- this might pull up some personal stories about it.

Thanks Jenn, did this, it is so overwhelming, so much data. Will keep researching and I really like my doctor, so I know he will e/plain it all. Thanks for your help. God Bless Karen