Neck soreness/ Stiffness

Hi, this mornin i woke up and can hardly move my neck, my head was bad yesterday. I have never had this before if i turn to the left my head throbs, is this a pulled muscle maybe or a bew chiari symptom?

Thanks Al

Really ??? That bad?? I have finally agreed to surgery also! My NS is fab so understanding of situation with disabled daughter so I may give him a call if no better in a few days! It feels like when u pull a muscle and neck is stiff

No way feels like it does when u push down, increased pressure head now banging even more

Thanks for caring xx
Promise is no improvement in morning will go to dr

I live in england and its night time here so will go to dr in morning thanks x

Neck just as bad if not worse today, off to drs shortly!

Been to drs, she had to look on google for chiari!! Anyway she is a great dr and called my NS i have cime home to lie down and tgey rspeaking at 11.45 so Should know more shortly! Thanks all xxx

I cant actually get my chin to chest this morning as so stiff and yes moving neck is making head feel like it does when i sneeze etc… Dr also asked me to bring knees up whilst lying down and this made my head pound. Dr will call me before 12.30 she said so will let u know xx

Ok on my way to hospital for tests now, a had a sub arachnoid bleed last yr so drs very worried

Hi Al…

I am hoping that you are getting all the testing you need…so glad that you are there…you need answers.
Please keep us updated on things.

Thanks guys!!

Had CT and no new bleeds thankfully but pressure very high so having LP today and ?MRI in local hospital so dr speaking to me NS now to decide on plan, they will drain some fluid on LP to help with pain also

So grateful for all ur concern it takes a chiari sufferer to understand xxx

Hi Al...

Thanks for keeping us in the loop....Good luck today with the the MRI today as well??? Let us know how things are going.

Hope that after the LP you feel better.

Hi All,
Well what a day!
Been in my local hospital for two days, they have no k owledge of chiari at all, i was under impression they were liasing with my NS. Today dr said do a lumbar puncture then after waiting all day in a lot of pain (even on morphine) they said my NS had said no LP and a urgent MRI needed, local hosp said urgent would be monday!
I have now been transferred to my neuro unit and have had amazing tretment already, havig MRI in morning and dr just told me he thinks decompression surgery asap is needed, i want to cry!! Although i was booked to have op in october it is a shock. Lets see what MRI shows.

Thanks for all your fab support Al x

Good idea hope all is well.

I have experienced a lot of neck and shoulder pain, more like an extremely annoying aching or that something was out of place. My MRI showed that my cervical spine was more so straight than the natural curve it should have and actually have some spurring disks. Maybe that might be something going on?

Oh dear i replyed lastnight but it seems to of gone!
Anyway long sore few days now finally i. My neuro unit and awaiting MRI and ?lp depends what mri shows .
I am very tired and was very sick last nite but have managed a shower today so thats good!

Hello all,

Well what a weekend!!
My dr has just been and asked if i will agree to surgery now, i am absolutely terrified!! Will see 2moro when op will be.
I am very sick and back on drip for fluids and finding standing or even sitting tall for a length of time (minutes) if very sore and makes me sick

Thanks for support Al c

Not had a LP this time as my last one was 31 so they know i have high pressure, i now feel like just do it if its going to happen. Having MRI today so will try and update u later

Thanks Al xx

Hello All,

Sorry for delay in reply!

I cane home from hospital on friday as my surgeon was off sick and i did t see point of staying, been to clinic today to see him and get MRI cine results. Ido t u derstand then fully but he said and showed us how at back by chiari the flow is 100% blocked so now i get why i feel so ill. I am having decompression surgery within next two wks, it could be next wednesday i will find out on monday. I am terrified and would appreciate prayers
Tgabks for all suport Al xx