Neck exercises

Hello everyone. I wanted to know if anyone could suggest some good neck exercises for after surgery? I keep walking around like a robot, haha. I know I need to stretch it and move it so it doesn't sort of 'freeze up'. Any suggestions would be so helpful!

Julie is right. The best thing to do is move. Range of mothin is good and relaxation exercises are good too. Just go as far as you can so that you feel the streatch and hold it there for 10 seconds and the the other side and just keep moving. I had a NS rubbed out a couple of knots very vigirously right after surgery (in recovery room) and that felt soooo good, but only let a pro do this. You don't want to hurt yourself. I am still a little stiff (7 weeks post op), but I feel like I can move. Good Luck!

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Once you get to as far as you can go with what Julie suggested, there are more extensive stretches that feel great and do help, but you should probably do them under the supervision of a physical therapist. I went to PT for a while and they helped me stretch out and also did deep tissue massage which felt fantastic! Unfortunately, I have a muscle spasm problem and the knots just come back no matter how vigorously they are attacked! Anyway, don't over do it unless you are being supervised. Ask your doctor for a PT referral. I don't see why they wouldn't give you one. Some NS's order PT right away after surgery and some never do. I had to get a PT referral from my neurologist because my surgeon never ordered it. I hope we've been able to help you:)


I wish I would've done these right away post-op. I don't know if it would've helped me. Now I can't turn my neck to the right all the way. My left side turns farther I've noticed. It's not much but its enough. I'm gonna try these and see if it improves it!



Adding my experience ...just like Julie said and Carla had a great suggestionn about PT...I didn't do PT per say...I did the exercises Julie was mentioning as well as Ice and heat..20 minutes with each...always ending with the ice ..which helped me a lot.

I hope you are feeling better. Though , I hear it is raining cats and dogs in Rhode Island today..that never helps anyone!! It is pouring here in little Seneca Falls....downer!!!LOL

Hey…another thing…have your tried a TENS UNIT??? I just added a discussion on it…hopefully others will chime in and give their experience.

I have been told by the therapist in my chiari surgeon's office to turn my head from side to side while LYING DOWN in the bed. I was told this takes the stress off the neck you would have standing up. I am to hold each rotation only until I count to about three and I'm not supposed to force it, just do it gently. I only started doing these exercises recently. After my surgery, I got a little more motion as time passed. I did at first feel kind of like a robot in general because my neck felt stiff. Most of the people I know who have been fused have more movement to the right side and not quite as much to the left. When I first had the surgery I kind of felt like a robot if I tried to turn to the left. As time has gone on - about l0 months now, it doesn't feel ackward to me most of the time to look to the left. Part of the reason is that I have gained some more movement and partly because I've learned to turn my body as I look to the left. I've been told by the therapist that by doing the side to side motion, I may gain some more mobility because my neck muscles are stiff - just not sure. Considering the surgery, I feel like I'm doing o.k. with turning the head and getting more comfortable with driving; it's just been a learning process for me. For the most part the stiffness has gone for me, although I do have days when some stiffness will return. You should feel more comfortable with time.....I hope you do.