Muscle Spasms

With Chiari it is normal to have muscle spasms, however, how normal is it to have a muscle spasm in your tongue?

Last night a portion of my tongue went numb and then my tongue started moving on its own. What is that about!?!?!?


Sorry...I am of no help with this Sx.....I have spasms but not on my tongue...must feel so weird.

Did you call your doc????

How are you today????


I don't think I ever experienced this either but I am sure that it can happen! Whenever the nerves are involved anything is possible! I would mention it to my doctor when you call him or speak to him again about your surgery.


i have has numbness in my tongue, its strange, after surgery i had spasms, its feels like its waving,

but i also got bobing in the head at times,

how long ago do you have surgery?