MRI tonight- Hopefully answers this week! Questions for group

Happy Monday All;

Hope you all had a nice weekend! I have never been more excited to have a MRI as I am today! Going for my Cine MRI tonight which will include my Brain, C & T Spine. Love this NS he is awesome, said I will get a call as soon as he gets results which should be quick as his practice is now doing the MRI! Awesome because he has access to look these up 24/7 from home! Should have never started out going to have it at the hospital as I was supposed to in the start. Glad that got caught and corrected quickly.

I have been reading a lot of posts and have a question that will also prepare me if needed for my discussion with the surgeon. When a person has a decompression surgery do you always have a shunt placed as well. I have not gotten this far with the surgeon so have not discussed the procedures at all. Does the decompression allow the flow alone or does that put too much pressure in the skull after not flowing for so long that you need the shunt as well.

It was originally thought that I had normal pressure hydrocephalous and the chiari and that is why we started out with the lumbar infusion study. He couldn't get any fluid so he stopped after 2 tries. Poor Dr. I had so many lumbar surgeries I didn't give him much area to work with. He was going to admit me and do a drain but decided on the MRI 1st which I was glad of.

Any info you can give me on this I would appreciate !

Have a good day;


Abby said:


Keep us posted. Your in the right place for getting your tests done. Hope you get your answers and we are thinking and praying for you.

Thanks Abby, I appreciate your thoughts and well wishes. I know I have finally found the right surgeon and whats nicer is that he came from the NS whom I trust very much. We will see what the week brings!


Beeba said:

A shunt is not a given in a decompression surgery. The space given should allow for good cerebral flow. If this is part of his plan with you I would have to assume it may be from all your back issues. But I would certainly clarify as to why that would or not be needed for you specifically. I have had 3 and still have not needed a shunt. Please keep us informed on what you find out. And best wishes.
Thanks Beeba.....I was/am just trying to get all my questions lined up for when I get my results. Based on my pressure and other symptoms as well as what the Dr has implied I am assuming that I will hear that my flow is not getting beyond the cerebellum. I have seen on the postings here that some people have or have not had the shunt along with the decompression surgery and just trying to figure out the reason for both want to make sure that I am ready with my ?. Can I ask if you don't mind why you had to have 3 surgeries. I have seen where several people have had multiple. Thanks for you help. Lily

Hello Lily! Wow that is great news I can feel your excitement I’m happy for you! Let us know how you’re doing take care!

So refreshing to hear of an NS being so thorough. I’m glad you are being so well taken care of!


Thanks Jenn;

I have been a frequent flyer of this practice for many years. My spine NS is there and has done wonders for my C and L spine, Even did emergency surgery on New Years Day @ 7am. Promised me he wasn't out partying the night before! Ths NS is peds and adult, he is a remarkable man. He has done so many special cranial surgeries on young children and children from foreign countries. Yes, I am blessed, wish I went to him 2 years ago when I saw another NS and said my problems were headache related. Thanks so much! Lily