Saw chiari specialist!

I saw a chiari specialist for the first time a few days ago and had a great experience. He was very patient and listened to me. He also did a full neurological exam which I’ve never had done before. I couldn’t believe the certain tests I couldn’t do I became completely unbalanced. I have to get a brain MRI and venogram so he can look that over since I’ve only had a brain CT and a cervical MRI. I’m also going to get a lumbar MRI to r/o tethered cord. The specialist felt like I would benefit from decompression surgery! I was glad to hear that! So I will go back for another office visit after I get the additional tests done and if everything looks alright I will be able to schedule my decompression surgery. Has any one had a venogram MRI if so what exactly is he looking for? He mentioned if something came up on the venogram which he didn’t think would happen I would need a surgery first to correct it. I’m praying that looks alright I just want things to move along. Also he noticed my cervical spine is straight instead of having a curve. Not sure how that happened? He estimated I would be able to have the decompression in 6wks. I feel like I’m closer to finally having some relief of my symptoms! Any info on the venogram test is greatly appreciated and any questions are welcome! Thanks for listening and take care!

Great news! Sounds like you’ve found a good NS! Not sure in the venogram…I’ve not had one.

So glad you had a great appt. I believe the venogram is to visualize your vasculature in your head and neck, rule out any abnormalities or anything surgical. I think that’s a great thing, in fact I want one done before my next surgery.


I have not had a venogram, only an MRI and CINE MRI. Good luck with your follow up and surgery, should you decide to have it done.