Meeting with NS for 1st time

I am meeting with a NS for the 1st time this Wednesday and not sure what to expect. What kind of questions should I ask?

here is a link for resources located at the top but not sure if you noticed,


Lisa gave you great links for info.

I would just like to add would be great it someone was going with you to the appt...a 2nd set of ears is always helpful.

please let us know how you make out.



Lisa-Thank you so much for the links. Very helpful. I will keep you all posted.

I met with the NS today and he is recommending the surgery. I am not sure what to do. He told me that if I didnt this could possibly disable me. I am scared and nervous. I told him that I needed to speak with my neurologist first and with my husband.

Christine- I am starting to lose hand function in my right hand, I have weakness in my right leg, I get tremors, dizzy, headaches which get real bad at times. I have Chiari Malformation type 1. I cant afford to be disabled, I have a family and I want to go back to school for medicine. I am meeting with my neurologist on the 30th of this month.


How are ya?? Overwhelmed, I am sure.....However, the NS is the doctor that deals with this condition more than NL's IMHO..The surgery is a treatment..not a cure...but should help with the symptoms and help slow the progression.

My experiences with NL's is that they ALL poo-pooed Chiari as causing my symptoms, yet they said they had no idea what was...Luckily, none of the NL's suggested I check in to the mental hospital...seriously...I , at times , was made to feel as though I was exaggerating.....I always had someone go with me to the NL's appt. a 2nd pair of ears is always helpful.

Best of luck to you.



Lori-I was overwhelmed at 1st but I am ok. My husband went with me to the NS. Now I am thinking of getting a 2nd opinion. My NL said that he didnt see the need for surgery at this time so now I see him on the 30th of this month.

There for while I thought I was going crazy. Everything that was going on I thought that i was imaging this or not sure what was going on. My husband is going to go with me to NL on the 30th of this month.