Many thanks, Welcomes, and some questions

My Friends and my friends who are like family,

Welcome to all of our new members. I am glad you are here. We will support you in any way we can; from support to venting to being there when we can.

For those who have been supporting me in the last couple of months thank you. I've realized what many of you have said and that was all of us need support no matter what stage we are in fighting Chiari and Syringomyelia. That advice is still sinking in slowly.

Finally has anyone taken or is taking the drug OPANA? I just started going to the pain center herein Butler and that is what they prescribed for me. I looked up and read the side effects and many of the side effects I have now and this will intensify them.

Thanks for listening and everything else all of you have done for me.


Mike, No experience with this one- let us know how you do in it…I hope hope hope it gets you some relief without too much of a side show.