Lumbar Infusion Study Today

Good Morning all. Hope you are well and ready to have some sort of celebration this memorial day weekend. I know it is hard when you don't feel good, you stay away and people think you are unfriendly or a recluse! We know differently don't we? We want to party but just don't feel up to it!

Well, I am off in a few minutes to have my Lumbar Infusion Study with my neurosurgeon. When I saw him in consult, he thought that there would be more diagnoses than the Chiari so I am very anxious to see what he has to tell me and my husband after the study. My balance is getting worse and I have had another fall since I saw him 3 weeks ago. I am so fearful when I fall because both my shoulder, hip and knees are artificial and the last thing I want to do is break a bone near one of them!

Wish me luck, this is probably the 1st test in my life that I have wanted something to show up in it. This has gone on for too many years and now I have finally found a Dr. that believes he can help me.Prayers out to my Dr. Mclanahan for a steady hand to get that needle right in my spine and have a good shot with the fluid to get good results! Happy Memorial Day all.

Your friend Lily from Chalotte NC :)

Beeba said:

Good wishes coming your way. I think most of us here really do understand wanting to see a problem. This is one of the few conditions where things coming back normal can almost feel like bad news. You want something physical to justify what you are feeling. I also think most of us understand turning into Howard Hughes holed up in our home. There are just times that you can't push through it. But on those days where you don't really feel like it but you can fake it a bit - I encourage you (and me!!) to do it. Often the anxiety over being social is worse than when you actually get there. I usually do find it nice and I am just a social person - and I don't want that to be another thing this damn condition takes from me. So I may drag ass to get there - but I can usually plant myself in a chair and still enjoy the interaction - usually I do better than I think I will and I am usually glad I pushed through it. It is always easier to just sit in a recliner and talk to no one - but unless that is who you were before - then even that will take a toll on your psyche. It is good to hear others talk about something other than feeling like crap. It can be a break that most of us need.

Best wishes on your testing! Let us know what the doctor says!

Thanks Angelyn I will put out a post,