Loss sense of smell

My daughter has loss her sense of smell. Chiari was just discovered because she’s had daily headaches for the last 4 years. Now that I think about it, she hasn’t been able to smell for the last 3 years. Has anybody else lost their sense of smell?

Hi Tonya J.

As far as I am concerned...nothing surprises me with Chiari and its' many symptoms. Before decompression surgery 3 yrs ago..I would go nights without sleeping....severe insomnia..took meds for it..no help.....Now..RARELY do I have a night with no sleep. I could go on and on with the strange symptoms....What are the doctors telling you about the lack of smell problem???

Before surgery I had hearing issues.."swooshing" sound in both ears...if not the swooshing , then both ears were totally plugged.....that has gone pretty much as well.

Keep us updated...