Post Surgery Recovered Functions

I was recently diagnosed and have surgery scheduled for Oct 24. In doing research I have discovered that i have had some symptoms and didn't realize they were connected.

My question is, can I expect to have some of the symptoms reversed? (hearing loss for example)


Great question...Chiari has so many symptoms!!! I will give you my story..I will try to keep it short!!!LOL

My main Sx's were head pressure, H/A, neck pain, 'swooshing ' sound in both not the sound then both ears were 'plugged', rapid heart beat that came out of nowhere...woke me from a sound sleep, huge balance issues ..i still struggle with 3 yrs post op..insomnia..unreal insomnia..I seem to forget how much progress I have made til I write it out like this!!!

The insomnia was so bad..the cocktail of meds I was taking...still didn't do it...that is pretty much ALL GONE..of course, get the occational bad nites sleep like everyone else...

My ears are MUCH BETTER..I no longer hear that sound of my own heart beat in my was gross...nor do my ears rarely get 'plugged'. H/A's and head pressure have improved...still have problems w/pressure and H/A's but much more manageable.

Since joining this group..I have learned that we can put NOTHING past Arnold Chiari Malformation as far as Sx's go!!!

This Sx I am going to tell you is still mind-blowing to me. See, I am a cigg smoker..I know it is bad for me..still haven't stopped..Anyway..FOR YEARS...I got bronchitis and pnemonea every year, even in the summer...on average I was on a heavy duty anti biotic at LEAST 3-4x a year...Saw Pulmonologist and he told me I was getting all these lung/respitory problems from the smoking....made complete sense to me..but being me, and weak...never quit!!LOL

Well...low and behold....3yrs post op....not 1 not even a hint of lung infections, the like. No one can tell me there is no connection...IMHO..of course, I wish I was a non-smoker ..but.....

So much for a short, in my opinion many Sx's can go away or at least get better..tolerable by surgery....that was my own experience anyway.

Hope this helped a bit.



I just had surgery on Sept 20 by Dr Oro at the Chiari Care Center. I could tell my blurry vision had improved within 12 hours post op. My Balance issues were already beginning to get better by day 2.

I was so terrified of surgery after reading some many stories online. I am so glad now that I went ahead and opted fro surgery.

My brain fog is completely gone. I am taking things easy and resting when my body tell me. I noticed this week that I don’t have a hoarse voice anymore.

Good Luck!