LIke a heat wave

I hope everyone is doing well and hasn't been suffering too bad in this heat!

I don't know who's getting hit with it. I know those of us in PA and the surrounding areas are. Apparently Florida is cooler right now.

I have had some unbelievable migraines every day the past few days. *shakesfistatheat*



Ugh! I'm sorry the heat affects you so badly. I always feel better in the heat! I am always in more pain in the winter especially when I shiver. I think being out in the sun does wonders for me too...not only for the pain but my moods too. Must be the vitamin D! The heat index here in Philly these last few days has been as high as 120 degrees! I was down the shore for he worst of it though so I had the ocean to get cooled off.

The heat index here in Ohio has been in the 100-110's as well. We actually turned the air conditioner on for a few days! We rarely do that...

I had a nice migraine yesterday - somehow I managed to sleep 28 hours total. Of course, my body is so confused from the time change/jet lag, that I've been really struggling, but I just keep taking it a bit at a time.

I usually don't have many problems with the heat. Its usually the winter and the dry air. I guess as its been so humid and going in and out of a/c maybe thats doing it? I don't know. Heat index here has been around 110-115 I think.

Yup...Alicia you are right...I was in Hersey and the heat index was 110!!!!!! no sittin' round the campfire for us during our visit.....thankfully Sunday wasn't as bad as was a cool 98....walking around Hersey Park.....What I do for love!!!!!LOL

Hope you are all well and staying hydrated!!!!