For those who suffer in heat

You may be fully aware that the heat is causing your symptoms to go crazy, but I didn't last year... this year, this week even, it has been painfully obvious. I woke up today feeling pretty decent. Slept 6 hours and woke up just before the sun hit my room windows...

When it did, my room heats up like an oven. My skin felt like it was on fire and from experience, i knew where this was headed. So it finally clicked. I realized I have an overhead fan on high speed right above me and the air from that felt cool, but ultimately, I was surrounded by heat. So I'm in the basement now where the ambient/overall temperature of the space is much much cooler and less humid (we have a dehumidifier down here).

So if you all of a sudden find your symptoms getting out of control, I urge you to consider that it may be your environment. The actual sunlight may also be a factor but I have no data to support any of this, it's just that I feel better in the basement where there is no sunlight, or ridiculous heat and humidity. The best analogy I could come up with to compare my room(with the fan) and the basement would be like getting a drip of cool water on you every now rather than swimming in it. I'm swimming right now and I feel pretty great about it :) much love<3

OH! and too cold, or too much air conditioning can trigger symptoms as well... so make sure to bring a sweatshirt or hoodie around with you when you go out... especially to hospitals and doctors offices :)

Thanks Bill for bringing this up..makes we wonder if that is the cause of my increased that you brought it up...I am an outdoorsy type..been in my backyard for the past 2 mths trying to put gardens in and such..

Here in Central NY the weaher has been very hot ..I think we are having the same type of summer all up the East Coast.

Today is between 92-94 degrees here.

You brought up interesting things as far as the sun, heat , as well as coldness...I too, didn't experience this last summer...but I did not spend hours in the heat like I ahve been this year..along with taking the teens camping last weekend..8 teens camping and I lived to tell about it!!!LOL

Thanks again for the post..I hope others will chime in and it would be interesting to see if others have increased issues during the dog days of summer.


I drop like a fly in the summer (or in any heat for that matter). I have drop attacks a few times a day in the summer opposed to only a few a week in the winter. I keep a cold pack with me or make sure I have ice available when I go out so I can put it on the back of my neck if I feel crappy. And I love the summer and my garden! I fight through it though b/c I can’t let me flowers die :slight_smile:

Ohhhh boy! This topic is exactly what I was looking for today! I have been having the WORST pain in the back of my head!!! It feels as if my brain is going to burst out of the incision site (hole in my skull.) It is so frustrating and just so painful. I would compare this to my pre surgery headaches. Just awful!