After you are diagnosed do you automatically have your children tested or wait to see if they start showing symptoms?


I was told to wait and see if my kids got any youngest started with h/a's and 'growing pains'....I took her to a NL and he did order and MRI and thank goodness she is fine.

How many kids do you have?? Are they having Sx's???

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I have 2 daughters, one is 15 the other is 10. My oldest has h/a's but it seems to be timed with her cycle, my youngest not so much (just when I want her to clean her room :-D ). Other than that I have seen any symptoms in them.

No, I’m just on the lookout for symptoms. Hopefully, if they do have Chiari, they will not have to suffer with symptoms for years before getting some relief. I have 4 daughters 22, 17, 15 and 3.

That is kinda my look on it too but I just wonder if I am making the right decisions about things.

I think I will wait. I wouldn’t pursue surgery if they weren’t seriously affected.