Keeping a journal on symptoms


I've been thinking about this for a while, but haven't figured anything out. I want to keep a journal on my symptoms. For many, many years I have thought of most of my "discomforts" as something normal that most likely everyone has, but just aren't complaining about. Well, now I know better. haha I want to be ready for my next doctors appointment which should be in a few months. I'm really hoping the appointment will go well despite the fact that I haven't found one neurologist who specializes in Chiari in Latvia. So I want to do everything on my end to increase the chances of something productive.

One thing I can think of is the journal. What can you suggest for the journal to be easy to review? What details do you think are important?

I'll appreciate any advice. :)

Mine had a pain key. So i would have an explanation of the diff types of headaches and each had a number that way i didnt have to write the explanation each day and it kept it shorter. I would start out with how much sleep i got the night before and Off in the right margin id write pain level and put in a number from 1-10. Id write a short paragraph bout any dizziness, nausea, other pain , fatigue or various symptoms ect ect. And any activities that increased the pain. Ei: drove today for 30 minutes and my pain was a 5 when i left and went up to a 7.

Hi, I keep a diary similar to the above. But b4 going to see the specialist I rewrite it as bullet points so making it easier for him to understand. Seeing as how specialist 's like to write things in shorthand. On producing it at my first appointment he asked could he see it, then asked could he keep it as it saved him rewriting also helps me to focus on getting the main points across to him and not loosing my train of thought, coz living with a headache constantly seems to merge all into one.thats y a daily diary is good to remember things .

Thanks! :)