Just Fired Another PCP

I went in to get referrals to a cardiologist, a pulmonologist, and a geneticist. I was told that she does not appreciate being told what who I want to see. She does not like me doing her job. I told that obviously, I am not the patient for her because I am very proactive in my health.

She told me that "patients like me are the reason that the medical care system is so messed up. We go to the ENT with an ear problem when she could have told them that they had wax. Sounds to me that someone is feeling some type of way that patients are no longer going through the middle man. So I got the referral from her to the cardiologist. Sent her a message through Mychart and told her I was done being her patient. Then I made an appointment with a new PCP at UH where my new NS, cardiolologist, and geneticist, is located

Obviously, she doesn't realize that I have a BOSS mentality which means that I don't rely on ANY ONE to get things done for me. I already reached out to my NL and told her to simply redo my MRIs for the ones they already did. I told her she could dismiss all the ones she wasn't familiar with. Then I called the new NS and told her that everybody was being anal and wouldn't work with me. They told me just get your images on a CD. We will look at them and order all the images we want at our facility with our equipment.

So I will have the old images on the CD and the newer images on a CD.

Now time to take a hot shower and take a muscle relaxer before I get to zone red.

Take care,


I dislike doctors that think they know more about your body and how you feel in your body. It’s your body, you take care of it and you live with it, no one knows better than you if something is wrong. Kudos for standing up for yourself and your well-being.

Yes, kudos to you! It would have been a different story if she had admitted she didn't know how to deal with what you're experiencing and referred you to a number of others. But some want to do all the treating themselves even though it is out of their knowledge base!

Nykkie, take extra good care tonight- that’s a rough day. On to better days and better physicians.

Hugs Jenn