Just felt like saying HI EVERYONE!

I have been gone a while… trying to juggle work, home and trying to sale Tupperware which is hard… I drive 70 miles one way to work… I find it very hard to do this … my job drains me but can’t find anything by me…


You are selling Tupperware in addition to another job? Wow. You are very ambitious. I know that home sales are very hard. I used to sell Mary Kay Cosmetics and I could never really make a go of it. I loved it, but it was hard to get the home parties and make enough sales to make it worth my while. I wish you luck with Tupperware. They do have nice products. What is your other job? Driving that far has to be draining. I hate driving or riding more than 10-15 mile! Well, I am glad you stopped by to say "hi" to everyone! That was very nice of you. I hope that you can be on and in touch a little more often. Have a great weekend!!



I drive 70 miles to my job in T-Mobile call center as assitant superisor… I love tupperware that’s why I keep selling I don’t make money

hi linda......

you are something else!!!!! God Bless you....working so hard and all that driving...I hope you take time to rest a bit!!!!!!

Thanks for dropping in and letting us know how you are..I was just thinking about you the other day, seriously!!!!



The biggest problem besides sitting that long it really bothers my fibro but I have chronic fatigue and I eat candy or chips to stay awake… so believe me it isn’t easy but I appreciate the love I get here so much thanks everyone