Welcome to all the new members


Huge welcome to you all. I know you will find the same support and caring as I have here.

I have been not been on this wonderful site as much lately...my mom died and I returned home from her service on Sunday.

I am still out of sorts emotionally...so , please , please , forgive me for not welcoming you all sooner.

I am praying and trying my hardest to get my life back to 'normal'...so bear with me!!!!!

Again, WELCOME!!!!




Glad you are back! Love you!


Hi Lori:)

It hasn’t been the same on here without you:) You’ve been missed. I’m glad you’re back!


Hi Guys...

you are the best..it is good to be back...I just left my Pastors home and we had a great talk.on Tues he and his wife Kathy are both there and it was so great. I feel uplifted..then to come home to your replies.....means the world to me.

Love and Peace to you all,


Welcome back with open arms Lori!

Love you!



You are so supportive of everyone here. It has been wonderful getting to know you better! I hope that you are doing well, and getting things back in order. You have been through so much lately. I have been keeping you and your family in my prayers!

Sending lots of prayers and hugs your way! God bless!



Hi Honey! Welcome back. I have missed u so much! You were one of my very first friends on here and I consider you my sister. I have been keeping you and your family in my prayers. If there is anything I can do or if you just wanna chat message me. I will always be there for you sweetie! I love you!