my friends and family,

Thank you all for everything, the support, the positive thoughts, the prayers, and concern. I am writing this from home, I got discharged around 5 o'clock today and home around 6:30. It feel great to be home and all of you get a great big gentle hug from me to you. Knowing how this groups is, I have enjoyed it since the day I joined because of all of the love, support, care, compassion and concern shown for everyone by everyone; I think that is one of several reasons why I am doing do good. All of you have helped me along every step of the way in deal and coping and now we turn the page to recovery.

I am exhausted now after a little bit of typing and the trip home so off to rest I go. Thanks for everything and it means so much to me and a special thank you to Lori for keeping everyone updated. talk more soon. night night.,

I am so happy to hear that you are doing well! Get some rest and take it easy. Take care!

Glad to hear all is well!

Woo-Hoo for being home in your own bed :)

That is the best thing I heard all day! I am soo happy you are home and resting!!!!! Take very good care of yourself! Now your healing can finally begin!

Sending you healing thoughts! I am so glad to hear you're home and doing well. :)

-Katrina W.

Glad to see your recovery is going well.

So awesome that you're doing well! It feels great to have the worse part over!

Great news Michael! I am so happy your on the other side of this. Take it slow.



I hope today , (Friday) you are feeling better..the 1st couple of weeks for me were the roughest. Like the others said..take it slow..

Listen to your body..it will surely let you know when you have over done!!

Drink lots of water and take short walks aound the house til it cools off outside...

Boy, am I bossy!!!!!

So thrilled you are home!!!



Home sweet home! Always so good to be back home, take care.

Glad you are home! Hope you have a rapid recovery and get lots of rest!

So glad you are home. I know my son did so much better once he got home.

Glad to hear you are doing well!!!