Jumping through hoops for upcoming surgery

Feeling EXTREMELY annoyed...after driving 8.5 hrs on Sat. to get a 45 min. MRI.(NY City was the closest to me).I've spent the better part of 2 days searching for all of the dynamic images (flex/exten and lateral bending)...which happen to be the most important for Dr H to see! Only to realize that they never put them on the CD. After calling the MRI center 4x yesterday and being blown off by the very rude lady who tried making me out to be the idiot....it turns out that they are the idiots as they didn't include 5 series of films. Then she has the nerve to be annoyed when I demand that she overnite a new cd to me....why does nothing go simple?? My upcoming surgery (c4-5 stabilization and fusion) is dependent upon Dr H seeing this MRI and she is annoyed? How about doing the job right the first time!!! grrrrrr.... Here are a few shots of what I do have on my CD. I am 5 mos post-op decompression/skull-c2 fusion. I can only imagine what it looks like when I move my neck if it looks like this when neutral :(
300-uprightMRI2nov16 (796 KB) 301-uprightMRI3Nov16.jpeg (649 KB) 302-uprightMRI4Nov16.jpg (1.07 MB)

What??? Is wrong with people? Oh no problem, ill just jump in my car and drive through the night to get a copy of what my surgeon needs to screw my head back on- it’s no problem… Maybe you should call the manager over there Di.

How are you feeling, aside from that dog n pony side show? I wish you a speedy recovery and the best possible outcome. When is it scheduled?