Jeffrey Wisoff at NYU? Any opinions?

Our neurologist suggested a second opinion for our 15 year old daughter regarding management of her large pseudomeningocele. Our current neurosurgeon (one of the top docs) says it will eventually resolve. However Alexa has very bad headaches and confusion, numbness and speech problems. We are desperately in need of an expert 2nd opinion. Thanks.

Hi, responded to the other thread before I saw this one- make an appointment for Alexa to see Dr. Wisoff, he is wonderful! Let me know if I can help in any way!!!!! xoxooxo

Hi Nicole! I also responded to the other thread. What patch does Dr. Wisoff use? This is important ito know. I am a wreck and just want this PM to go away. Thanks for your support! My email is joalexajeff at I would LOVE to talk to you and can text or email my cell number.
Love JoAnne

I dont think the doctor that did Roseann Cash's surgery accepts pediatric cases. That was one of the issues we had with our insurance. They found us plenty of neurosurgeons but only a hand ful of pediatric neurosurgeons, then tryin to find a pediatric neurosurgeon that deals with Chiari was even harder, they didnt make it easy for us!

Dr. Michael Turner in Indianapolis, excellent. Riley Hospital also has a special Chiari clinic. There has been a lot down in Indiana over the last ten years to inform Dr's about Chiari. When I was diagnosed no one had even heard of then. My friends took her daughter to Chicago's children hospital they have a Chiari clinic and she is doing very well without any complications. GOOD LUCK! and God Bless!