Jaw/Tooth pain


Have any of you guys had jaw and or tooth pain that comes and goes???

I have heard Ray D’Alonzo speak of it in Contents Under Pressure. Just wondering if any one out there has had this issue??

For the last mth I have had awful jaw pain…right side and it feels as though it is radiating to a tooth. If only I had dental insurance…I would go see a dentist!!!

Thanks guys!!!

i get jaw pain, god it hurts, but doesnt feel like a teeth ache,
but i also get that pain, on my head (but no a head ache), up my esophagus, along my cheek, and along nose, im unsure if its the same pain, but thats what i get on my jaw,

I have TMJ on the right side only. It does not bother me all the time but when it does- it is horrible.

Hi Guys:

I too have TMJ…though it hasn’t acted up in a long time…maybe this is my problem. I made an appt for tomorrow with a dentist…haven’t been to a dentist in 3 yrs b/c of no insurance. scared to death is is gonna cost be a fortune.

good on you lori,
you sometimes need to get things checked, it might cost you more in the long run, when something does go wrong.i hope it doesnt make you broke

i know it might be a strange question but what is TMJ?,


TMJ is the joint that holds your jaw in place…more complicated than that but you get the idea…kind of like a hinge joint…when one grinds their teeth, lets say, it can cause the muscles to spasm and thus pain…when the tooth only is just fine…

I now must cancel that appt b/c I got a very upsetting call from my mom last night…she is having health issues and has no one to advocate for her…I am 350 miles away…but I do know some of the docs where she lives so I have to call around and settle her down…I was on the phone a total of 3 hrs with her yesterday…poor thing.

Love you guys

No …Had those wisdom teeth out years ago!!! Hope you are well Roz!!

i dont grind my teeth, im a tongue pusher, i think thats what causes my headaches,

im sorry to hear about your mother, i hope you can help her to get the help she needs,

Hi !

Dental appt was a disaster…left with a script for anti biotic and told I need about $3000.00 worth of work done. but the urgent issue is the infected tooth…they want to do a root canal and the a crown…2 grand…yeah, right…pull it!!! I am just so disgusted…I cannnot catch a break, it seems!!! Oh well…

I left with anti biotics…wish she would have given me a couple of pain killers til the anti biotics kick it…but…my fear of sounding like a drug seeker…i didn’t get a thing…the pain is unreal…radiating to the ear and up the rt. side of my face…it will pace.

being somewhat new in this area, i have no idea who to go to…The place yesterday said I needed an oral surgeon…well…really…how hard is it to yank a silly tooth???

I am suggesting to my girls to consider going into dentistry…their mal practice is one of the lowest…they are well paid , rarely get called in the middle of the night and make HUGE $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

I was there for 3 hrs and NOTHING was done…except for the x-rays and 5 min exam my dentist…the rest of the time was waiting for the ‘office consultant’ to go over my ‘treatment plan’…In other words $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

thanks Abby!!!

oh lori too put the mildly that sucks, oh my god i cant believe what they charge,

but i only go when its really needed,
good for you to get the tooth pulled, ive had two out, i didnt want to go though the hassle of root canal, and theres no garrentee that it works,

i hope you feel better

Thanks Joelene and Everyone for your words of support,

A friend from church gave me his cousins name …he’s a dentist about 45 min from here…i am calling him at 8 and ask if he can see me.I have the x rays in hand…I just want it pulled…like you said Joelene, there is no garrentee a root canal will work…and i will end up having to have it pulled anyway.

Thanks to you all…

Love and God Bless,


I just got home from the dentist…he pulled it and I am very emotional right now. feel ugly.