Intro and a few questions

Hi everyone,
My name is Austin, I was seeing a neurologist for chronic headaches that started in 2021. After getting an MRI it was discovered that I have a 4mm displacement. My symptoms are largely relegated to headaches, but if it gets bad I get dizzy and sometimes vomit. I have noticed that changes to my sleep schedule, like even sleeping in an hour later than normal, is a sure way to trigger a headache.
I am a bit confused about what my expectations should be - my neurologist has said that I shouldn’t expect much beyond the headaches, but whenever I see her she seems to be checking for new symptoms. I am 31 at this point and didn’t start having any symptoms until I was 29. Have people found their symptoms progressing over time? Obviously mine have to some degree, since I simply didn’t have headaches before.
I take Nurtec now, but I will usually have sort of annoying headaches for at least a small portion of the day and one debilitating headache every week or two. My doctor suggested topomax, but I was a bit disconcerted by all the side effects. It sounds like people here have had good experiences?
Finally, my neurologist doesn’t seem very concerned with anything around my posture, or how I sleep, but I find it hard to imagine that has no effect. I sleep on my stomach and really struggle to sleep any other way, but I imagine it can’t be helping. What are others’ experiences with this?
Thanks y’all,