I think i have new problems coming on!

I have started having numbness and muscle spasm in my right thigh. This happens while I’m asleep and those spasms are so painful that I almost wake up crying. The numbness is there when I wake up and last for about 30 mins to an hour then the feeling comes back. I got to tell the Dr about these new symptoms.

So sorry to hear this. Keep us posted as to what the doctor says.


Sorry you are having these issues....Did you call doctor yet this morning???

Just a thought..did you have a full spine MRI????

keep us updated.



im sorry also that you are having these problems,

lori is right have you had a full spine done, it might show other issues going on,

How active are you since surgery, sometimes we baby ourselves when we have anything done, and it can cause other problems, light exercises might help, while you wait for other tests,

yes please keep u posted


Yes I had a full MRI done and you may be right about light exercise.

take it slow, when exercising, light walks that sort of thing is great,

im 7wks post op,i started with just walking to letterbox everyday, to build my legs, i took everyday as it came, i pushed through the days when i couldnt walk, i have a walking stick that helps and makes me feel safe,

im now gardening, i walked for 1.5hrs yesterday, im doing light house work, the only thing i cant do is read books, drive or anything that requires concentration,

walking is cheap, you can go at own pase, you dont need to rely on anyone,

sitting or lying doing nothing is worse, it will take longer to recover, everyday you will feel stronger, and better for it,

what do you have to lose?

was there anything found in the spine areas (lumber)