I have Chiari and now Breast Cancer

Wondering if anyone knows if Chiari and all it comes with could also be the cause of breast cancer? I have not had DC surgery, my symptoms are tolerable at this time and have been for many years. But I just can't believe that living with Chiari isn't enough, I gotta have Breast Cancer now on top of it?! I am scared about having the lumpectomy's. Any info is of course greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Chris, god bless you. I will send you thoughts and prayers of peace and healing. This is a lot for one person, yes, but you can do it- and you will! Abby is so right, you have many friends here who want the best for you and want to support you, so please don’t ever feel you are in weeds by yourself. You have a support net here.

When is the surgery? How can we help you you?