Hi and update

Hi Chiari Family,

Welcome to all you new folks…and hello to all my old friends and partners in crime here!
I have not been active here for quite a while. Those who know me , know the deal…I was dealing with a family health crisis which ended in late July…my dear brother in law passed away after a tough fight with colon cancer. Also, my husband had to have cervical disk fusion as well this summer.
So, I am trying to get my feet wet here…bear with me gang!!!
It is good to start being connected again…I look so forward to getting to know all you new members and re connect with the older ones.

I do want to say something about colon cancer…even though I know this is Chiari group…I cannot stress enough the importance of a colonoscopy…my sweet Jn-O would still be having coffee with me every morning if he had only gotteone in time. So, every time I get the opportunity to share with others about the importance of the test, I do…at least I can try and help another so someone el and their loved ones do not have to go through what we did and still are…
I am sorry if I offended anyone by this topic of cancer…we all have Chiari or we are here to support someone who does…however, we must be sure to take care of the other parts of our bodies too…
Ok, I am done my preaching for today!!LOL

I am 5 yrs post decompression…actually, I think I s released from the hospital 5 yrs ago yesterday…though I still have some struggles with pain and other things…I must say that I am better today than I was before…I am not saying that surgery is for every patient…just sharing that it was a good thing for me.

I am always happy to share my own experiences with anyone …so, gang…if I can help in any little way…let me know…we are all in this together.


Thank you so much, Ladies for your love, support and kindness…good to be here!!