Hearing Music

Just curious if anyone else has this type of symptom. When laying in bed with my fan on I hear music. The type of music I hear is like that of a symphony being played in an old action movie. I can hear the ups and downs, brass, strings, percussion instruments. I wish there was a way to record what I am hearing. If I take my meds this doesn’t happen much at all but if I forget to take them it goes on and on. I can plug my ears or turn the fan off and no music. But then I cannot sleep. Sounds really weird. I am 9 years post op.

Hey, Edwin…
Yeah, I began to hear fully orchestrated instumentals in my head post-decompression surgery. But, I took full advantage of it. I went and bought the Finale software as well as Logic Pro X (Mac software) and began to peck out what I heard in my head. Fortunately for me, it became a part of my job. I have since composed over 200 instrumental soundtracks for short Bible story videos. I have found that a song may come to me at the most mundane moments. So, I took to carrying around a small MP3 recorder and I try to hum the tune into the recorder. Then later, I’ll pull up the Finale or Logic software and poke the song in… note by note. It’s so odd because I’m not a musician. I don’t play any instruments. I can’t even read music. But, I have been able to compose insturmentals from my head since the Chiari surgery - I feel a gift from God that I just never expected to ever have and enjoy immensely. Before the surgery I couldn’t even remotely compose music. I loved to LISTEN to soundtracks and instrumentals. Now, I really only like to listen to my own instrumentals - Finale and Logic Pro allow you to make digital music you can burn onto a CD. Just an idea!!!

Oh wow, that is amazing. I am so glad I am not the only one. The other night I woke up and the music I was hearing was so weird. It was like the music they put together for the animated chase scenes from cartoons like Tom and Jerry.