Headaches & an Introduction of sorts

I realised I should have asked my question here.

Are headaches a common feature of Chiari I Malformation? I don't really get headaches. I used to get lots, but since changing my diet in July to Raw Foods I no longer get them, or if so ever so slight and usually when I am getting a bit hungry. If I am ill and have a bad cough, then yes I sometimes get one then and have to hold my head (if I have a headache) when I do cough. But that isn't very often.

My main symptoms are nerve type burning pain running from the back of my head/neck, across shoulder, down back of arm to my little and ring fingers of my right arm. I was operated on in 2008 for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and had relief for three weeks, and then gradually the pain has got worse. This last year it has spread and now I get pain across the back of my neck and shoulders, my right side/ribs (again a burning shingles type pain) and more recently in my left hip/buttocks area down to the back of my left knee. I occasionally get twinges, like little electric shocks in various parts of my body that are sudden and spontaneous. Eg while out today I had a couple in my left leg.

I find it difficult to sleep at night as I can't get comfortable and no longer drive any distance, in fact if I can avoid driving I do as I just end up in more pain if I do.

Well that is probably enough of an intro for now.


Headaches are a very common symptom with Chiari...Honestly, I have never a symptomatic Chiari patient not having H/A's..

I am no doc..by far...LOL

After reading your symptoms , i want to ask if you have had a recent full spine MRI?????

Hopefully others will chime in that didn't have H/A's like yourself and how they proceeded.

Keep us posted.



I had a full body Spect CT scan, an MRI Cervical Spine and an xray two weeks ago. The MRI shows the CM, and we were able to compare that to the MRI/MRA I had in December 2008 and it has progressed significantly. I am going for a CSF Flow Studies, MRA Venus Channel venogram and an MRI Thoracic-Lumber spine tests on Friday. I also have to make an appointment to see a neurologist to check that he agrees that the CM is causing my symptoms.

As I said I used to get headaches/migraines, that would often leave me bed ridden, but I seem to have solved that problem through diet.