Head Trauma

Just wondering how many of us have had some kind of head trauma that brought on the symptoms worse?

After I fell and hit the back of my head really hard, the symptoms were almost unbearable. They have calmed down a lot, but for two years, I was very ill.

Hi Abby:

took 2 yrs to get some relief...uhh.....it does make sense that if you injury the back of your skull and have Chiari..stands to reason(IMHO) that Sx's would get much worse.

How did you fall?? Balance issues , due to Chiari????

Hope you are feeling better and getting the much needed rest your body needs!!



This was my situation. I sustained a very severe Traumatic Brain Injury almost 4 years ago and that was the beginning of all of this. 3 1/2 years later I found out I had Chiari the whole time. Here's some stats for you guys.


Trauma, especially to the head or neck is one of the most common causes of Chiari symptoms. Remember, Chiari is a CONGENITAL disorder. We are born with it, but there are many people with Chiari that don't ever have symptoms and never have issues or find out. Just like I was for the first 16 years of my life. (perfectly healthy) till the accident, in which I developed a strong case of Chiari, Basilar Invagination, "Post Traumatic Craniocervical Settling"(aka craniocervical instibility, and Ehlers Danlos. Like I said 28%!! The most common reason for a development of Chiari symptoms in a patient who previously had no symptoms!

I unfortunately had 3 pretty major brain injuries from car accidents and falls before finding out that the cause of my symptoms was Chiari and the other conditions I listed above. In my case 3 traumas to the head made things a lotttt worse! But you've got it right on the nose about the trauma! It's a big deal with Chiari!!

Best Wishes Abby!,


I had mild symptoms for about 5 years on and off no more than 1-2 times/week until I had a car accident back in 2009. After that they all of sudden escalated and now are nearly unbearable 6 days a week, for the most of the day. I'm guessing that's part of what set mine off. I've been reading online about Gardasil causing problems...about a week before the car accident I got the first shot, but didn't get any of the others because of how sick I got from it....

Hi Abby,

I never put the two together, but I fell down my basement stairs last December and slid face down with only a broken finger...which still doesn't bend properly...and rug burns down my face and arms. After that seems to be when I started have more problems....

Lifting heavy weights over my head and getting rear-ended this spring revealed the Chiari for me. I feel like the wind has been sucked out of my sails. I was an active, healthy 47 year old woman. Now I am so fatigued, nauseated and dizzy at times I barely get through the day. I feel for you younger folk, as I just started having really bad symptoms.


I don't know if this constitutes as head trauma, but here's my story:

I always had back/ neck pain growing up, but I related it to the sports I participated in. My symptoms picked up after the birth of my daughter. I had a 48 long labor, and my body did not handle the stress well. With every push I could feel a shooting pain in my neck. My extremities were numb and swollen, and I would have brief black out periods. It took a year of horrible symptoms and doctor appointments to receive my diagnosis. My neurosurgeon said that my cerebellum was forced to herniate further out of my skull during my difficult labor.