Has anyone......?

I guess it would be for the last 9 months 10 months I’ve had a headache but with these headaches I’m also getting a lot of face painting and my ears are hurting but what I’m concerned about is I have a fever and some days it’s low grade but some days is over 101 these fevers don’t go away I wake up with him I go to bed with them just like my headaches and I haven’t had surgery yet so I don’t think it’s an infection my question is has anyone or does anyone have any of this and does anybody have any idea what I can do

I had low grade fevers often before surgery. My surgeon explain that the body’s fever center is in the area that compressed by Chiari, so fevers or even just feeling like you have a fever is normal. 101 is a little high though, I might think that could be something else.

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I’ve had this fever for months now…:cold_sweat:

I never took my temp but there are days I have had chills and days where I had low grade fevers for no reason. I personally feel it is from the chiari. I have no answers on what to do. Luckily mine always seemed to happen at night or early day.

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