Has anyone had a metal plate put in their head?

Hi everybody, I am going in on March 1st for my THIRD decompression surgery!!! They are also going to put a metal plate in the back of my head to support my brain. I guess to much of my skull was removed during my first surgery and now my brain is slidding back and doesnt have enough support. Has anyone else heard of this or had it done before?

Dear Juda...

I am so sorry that you have to have yet another operation.

I have heard of too much bone being taken out but other than that I don't know anything more. Hopefully someone here will know and chime in and give you input.

Good Luck..you are in thought and prayer.



I'm not sure if the metal plate you are talking about is the same as what I have. I had my surgery in Sept '11 by Dr Oro. I am under the assumption that it is standard procedure for Dr Oro to put in a Titanian Plate. He told me that is give the muscles something better to attach to.

Here is a link with a little be about it.


Good luck!


I also have a titanium screen holding up my Occipitial Lobe, so it cannot allow my Cerebellum to fall into my spine again. I only know it's there because believe it or not.....two of the top screws are loose...Yes you can laugh....They say they will take the screws out when I go back sometime for a office visit. It actually hurts when the screws push into my head. When I lean back on my headrest in my car or I lay down wrong. Don't worry it's not bad & you will probably never know it's there.

Tracy Z.


I am so glad I can be the cause of any humor to make you smile. I laugh about the screws too..Finally my family & friends have a concrete reason for my insanity.. : )

The pericardium they used is the only tissue you can transplant from another person without rejection...so I doubt it is the cause of your infection. I sometimes wonder whose pericardium I have in the back of my head. Probably sounds strange, but I hope it was a wonderful person that died in their sleep of old age.

Tracy Z.

Thank you everybody for your responses… I’m ready to do this! Anything has got to be better than ehat i’ going through now. I’m staying positive and keeping my faith!