Has anyone else had problems with muscle atrophy

I was diagnosed with Chairi in 2011 and had my decompression surgery april 2012. Over the last 2 and a half years I have not been able to do much. Due to all of my sumptoms I sit most of the day. I was having awful back pain and my legs and hips. I started physical thepory and was told that my mussels have atrophy so bad and that I have the beginning of arthritis as well. When I try to do the excerices to help my mucles I have to sit longer and feel worse. It gets really discouraging that now my body is deteriorating. But when I get depressed or discouraged I Have to trust in the Lord more.

Do you have access to a pool? It can be easier to start exercising in the water if so. Otherwise just try to do a little more each day. I have ankylosing spondylitis in my SI joint and while it hurts daily, believe it or not it gets worse when I don't get my exercise in. It stiffens up more! Light exercise keeps inflammation down. Vigorous exercise can actually make inflammation worse so start slow but be consistent! Even just a short daily walk can help! If you can add a couple of minutes each day you'll be improving before you know it!

Emmaline has some great suggestions for supplements as usual! Do some searches online for anti-inflammatory foods and diets you can follow! Garlic, ginger, and turmeric are all good! If you drink diet beverages you may want to look out for artificial sweeteners. They can make inflammatory conditions much worse!!! I have seen great improvement since I cut them from my diet! Use sugar, honey, or stevia instead! Eat a lot of protein as it helps you build muscle. Don't try restricting calories right now because you actually need muscle growth and you can't be in a calorie deficit and build new muscle!

Hello deann I understand do not have atrophy but tester cord syndrome and it is very painfully I laid down all day I can not stand long nor sit long my travel time is two hours after 2 I’m in extreme pain I have serval disc replacement however I have nerve damage 80% of the body which cause the muscle to tense up what I found out about Chairi their is no much medical can do to help us I get morphine to help me get thought my daily chores of life hate the stuff but I works I’m sorry for you pains ps pool thearpy works and chirpo with message lite touches my primary dr trid the Chinese cupping that was amazing took away all my pain I went with out pain meds for weeks hope this help you