Had MRI for Tethered Chord Syndrome Yesterday

Well I had my MRI yesterday, I don't know when I will find out the results from my neurologist if what I am experiencing is Tethered Chord Syndrome or not.

He is taking forever just to return to me my forms for Short term disability for work and my car loan- he has had them for over a week!

The muscle relaxers and Mobic i have been taking for over two weeks hasn't done any good, all this and I still have a flooded out house that need to be dealt with! (thanks Hurricane Isaac)


I hope that you get your answer quickly. They should be able to tell within a few days but you never know. Plus you all are dealing with so much. I can't imagine all the work you have to go to get your house livable again. Let us know when you get the results back.



Good luck and Godspeed in your diagnosis. Once you get some answers you can move on to treatment. What were your symptoms that lead you to seek the tethered cord issue?


So sorry to hear about your house! :( I hope you get your MRI results ASAP!