Great news today!

I had my Dr appt today, he said my Syrinx had cleared up and my surgery was a good one. But I’m still having the tingling burning feeling on my left side. He said it takes awhile to heal completely. So I’m gonna find a NL. To keep an eye on my Chiari to make sure everything is going in The right direction…

I’m on Gabapentin my dosage will be 900mg 3 times a day but I’m gonna try Lyrica for 7 days and see if that works better. I got to get off Gabapentin because I’m holding too much fluid with it unless they prescribed me a water pill for the swelling.

Glad to hear things are going well.

Good luck with the Lyrica!!!

That is amazing news! Congrats about the syrinx, those are scary things!!! I hope the burning clears up for you.

Fabulous! I hope Lyrica works out for you. Keep us posted!



So glad to hear the good news. I'm pray the tingling in your left side clears up soon.

God Bless, Christie

So happy to hear something positive! Great news! Keeping you all in my thoughts. :-)

YAAAAAAY!!! :slight_smile: