Glucose Test Strips for CSF

Has anyone ever used glucose test strips to test for CSF? If so, how reliable do you find it to be?

I’ve had clear drainage from my nose since April and for a while I didn’t think anything of it. Until I eventually came across an article that talked about CSF leaks. So I started to pay more attention to it and noticed that it happened more when I was bending my head down, sometimes backwards,(but then I feel something draining down my throat sometimes), or when I’m straining on the toilet (maybe TMI sorry:blush:) or coughing.

I used a blood glucose test and ended up having two reads of 20mg then the next two were ‘Lo’.

Also, has anyone ever had a coughing fit that lead to a fever?

Thank you in advance!

is there a link between blood glucose and csf flow?
Ive not heard of this.
Spinal taps are the normal method of checking csf along with looking at the ventricle size on mri.
but im intrigued because i have trouble with low blood sugar so if there is a link please can you fill me in.
The coughing causing a fever sounds like the common cold and i fail to see the link to Chiari unless the coughing causes headaches, numbness, incontinence etc ?

I started weith pasding out spells n had a tilt table test 10 yrs ago. I started taking glucose tabllets when I have these spells n it goes away. I have been tested numerous times for diabetes, thyroid issues, etc. Nothing is ever found. I still use the glucose chewable tablets when I have this happen. Just had happen a day ago. My surgery isn’t for another 12 days. So I wonder too about the strips. I have clear fluid that comes out of my nose n right ear. Not as bad since the shunt. My father had it in his nose terribly. I have to wonder if he had it. I have 2 lazy eyes I can control. My fathers mothers eyes stayed that way. Is this something that can be hereditary?

So sorry for the delayed response I was in finals week so I blanked on checking this forum!

@Tats I originally had heard about it from a woman on YouTube (,
so I’m really not sure how credible it is so I was curious if anyone else had heard about it. Shortly after I posted I ended up finding this study that said it wasn’t reliable (

I have had headaches, numbness and incontinence sporadically. Almost always when I have at least any discomfort at the back of my head. So it’s hard for me to say if it was solely from coughing. I say almost always because I have a hard time finding a consistent pattern with these symptoms. I feel like I’m going mad.

I was advised against a spinal tap by a neurologist (not specialized with Chiari’s) because of the Chiari, and that same neurologist told me none of my symptoms were from Chiari.

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@wrumble Did your symptoms come about when you did your table test? That’s so strange but interesting that taking glucose tablets help.
So interesting you say you have 2 lazy eyes you can control. I have recently found that I have amblyopia but have 20/20. Which has been attributing to my poor reading skills. I have heard with Chiarian’s that strabismus/diplopia were potentially related and I think lazy eyes can be inherited from parents (Here is one study ' that also references this study ' )

Also how did your surgery go??

I am only a week out n this is the first that I have been able to get my head together and respond. I have relief as far as the numbness, tingling, pain, coldness in my arms, hands, feet n legs. My headaches are very severe but I expect this is normal do to being a week post surgery. I still have noise in my ears. I was able to move my head really well after the first day. I was surprised. Now it does hurt n I don’t push it but I am sure it’s better to keep moving my head to a point. When My head says ok I have had enough, I lay down n sleep. I have to say besides the pain I feel I am doing exceptionally well. I hope that I will find more relief as time goes by. Thanks for asking.

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