I’m going to let you in on some info that you might think is a little bazzare just please try it. I was bed bond for 5 months, I was not able to lift my head or sit up on my own.
Then one day my daughter brought me a Pepsi and 15 minutes after drinking it I noticed I could lift my head and sit up with out help, some of the pressure was gone and my neck was not hurting or burning as much. Please try it and let me know if it works for you.

Hi Charity,

I'm so glad you found something so accessible to give you relief! That's a long time to be bed bound and suffering!

Could it be the caffeine?

Take good care of yourself,


Thank you, I believe it is. I consider myself fortunate there are a lot of people worse off then myself. May God continue to answer their prays as well.

Supposedly a CSF leak can be helped by coffee (caffeine)… have you been assessed for this...