Food and Drinks to Avoid

So I was wondering what foods and drinks folks have had to avoid with Chiari. Before I was properly diagnosed, my PCP's best guess was that I had migraines. There is a lot of information out there about migraine triggers, and she definitely suggested I reduce caffeine intake. Ironically, however, she was also the one that suggested I take Excedrin Migraine - which is loaded with caffeine - and ultimately made things worse for me due to rebounds. But I digress....

I am still avoiding caffeine and that has been a small sacrifice, since you can still have coffee or coke that is decaf. I also just feel that diet drinks make me feel worse (perhaps it is the fake sweeteners that don't sit well). So if I do have a soda from time to time, I go with the regular (caffeine free) versions.

What about alcohol? My husband and I have always enjoyed wine. Being in California, trips to Central California Wine Country have always been something I look forward to. A glass of Zin after dinner once in awhile - always a welcome joy. Or martini's with the girls now and then. Will I never be able to enjoy these sins again?

I do wonder about other foods - and if I may be adding to my own issues without even knowing it. If anyone has been given a good list of things that are best to avoid, or has found specific things to be problematic, I would like to hear more.

Thanks for listening and sharing! Lisa

susan..... thats a great idea.

well i find that i have to watch what type of foods i eat or drink, im unable to drink coffee it makes me feel really sick,

i cant drink milo it makes me so tired,

i drink ginger tea it helps with my tummy, i dont eat after 9pm,

if i eat to much crap food it likes my body cant function and end up feeling really bad,

i havnt cut anything out of my diet, i just have smaller amounts, sometimes when im too tired to eat, or move my mouth, i drink alot of sugared tea, for some reason my body craves sugar, (maybe im trying to get a energy hit)

wine i find i can only drink one class, and sometimes it goes straight to my head, always the next day i feel very tired.

my option is try to eat natural as best as you can, anything is good in moderation.