Fluid build up

So I was decompressed in 2005. But last yr I was diagnosed with intercrinal hypertension had a lumbar puncture and was good. This yr it is back and lumbar puncture failed. Just wondering how many people who had surgey got a shunt and do you have success with it? For those who had surgery with no shunt do you have fluid build up as well?

Do you know what’s causing your pressure to rise?

Unfortunately not yet I have a referral out to see another neurologists the one I saw once knew nothing about ACM and said I was making my headaches up. So hopefully when I see her they can figure it out.

I hope you get answers. I haven’t found many neurologists know much about it but they try and give meds. Hopefully this one will be more helpful.

Update saw neurologist today have to get eyes checked every 3 months and get a lumbar puncture evey 3 months. Im also being put on meds to help slow down the CFS fluid production then have a referral to see a neurosurgeon for a shunt eventually.