Failed 4th ventricular shunt

Does anyone have any assistance they can provide? My daughter has now had 4 unsuccessful surgeries and we are left with having to have a shunt inserted into the Syrinx. Does anyone know of anything that can possibly help?

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Wishing all my Chiari survivors good health and happiness.

Maria McCutchen

I had a shunt inserted into the syrinx forcing the fluid to be redirected to the fourth ventricle. I would say it was a success because so far the syrinx has become much smaller. As for symptoms etc. there is not change because the spinal cord has had already been damaged. But with the shunt it could be worse. My thoughts are with ur daughter. Best Wishes.

Thanks for your reply. I am not sure about your procedure though. Madison had a shunt inserted in her fourth ventricle to divert fluid away from the fourth ventricle, so that the fluid did not make it into the syrinx. Her shunt has since blocked. Would this be what you had? Is your shunt in the syrinx in the spinal chord, or is it in the fourth ventricle? Thanks