Ever feel like enough is enough?

Hi all!!

Happy Friday hope ya all have a fun safe w/e!!!

I am just so fed up ...had an MRI tues and PCP said I should send it to my NS who is out of state. something about stenosis and C5 hernination yadda yadda yadda.

I am at the point where..enough is enough..I cannot go through another operation..If NS says it is a surgical issue I will ask him point blank if i can just be medicated and move on!!!!! I cannot deal with Dr.'s anymore.

I do not want Chiari to have me..I have Chiari..ya know????

I an sick of not being able to make plans ,, never knowing how i am gonna feel..i have to follow thru tonite b/c i am taking the girls and their friends to the movies..I get the "MOTHER GUILT" thing when i let them down so i plunge through most of the time.

sorry for the downer .

wanted to vent and see if you guys ever have these feelings???

Love and Prayers,


Hi Lori

I just joinedthis website. I had my Chiari surgery in Jul 2010 after putting it off for about a year after I was diagnosed. I DO understand that you get tired of it all. From Dec 07 to Jul l0 when I had the Chiari surgery, I had three surgeries one month apart in 2008 to fix a brain aneurysm on the right carotid artery. The first surgery was completely unsuccessful and then a week later I broke my foot. I went through the next two surgeries with my broken foot. Then in Nov 2008, my car was totaled with me in it and it caused a whole lot of problems with the Chiari. I eventually had more trouble swallowing and breathing. I put off the surgery until I came to the conclusion that it was scarier to not have it than to have it. During all that time, I felt like it "would never end" and I got so tired of it all. I would wake up at night and just pray "please God, what else" and just let it be over. Once I made the decision to have the surgery, I was at peace with it. When I woke up the morning after the surgery and nothing hurt. I can't tell you how good a feeling that was. And that very same day I could walk a straight line. I hadn't been able to do that my whole life! I've had some pain return, but nothing like it was before. I didn't find the recovery difficult at all, other than just being so inactive. I was at times, of course, uncomfortable. The hardest part for me was having to wear a collar around my neck (isn't that crazy)because I am claustrophobic. I got through that too and even got to the point where it was very comfortable. I was lucky that someone told me about the Aspen Vista adjustable collar and it is very comfortable. I'm glad I had the surgery; it's been about seven months and I think it was the right decision for me. I'm not a zipperhead; my doctor doesn't leave that kind of scar; my scar is almost not even visible now. I was told I had the worst case of basilar invagination at l26 degrees (we are supposed to be angled l80 I understand) that my doctor had ever seen. With the right surgeon, surgery can make a difference in your life. I was corrected to l56 and it has made a difference. Don't give up; I know it's tough. I have spinal stenosis and three slipped lumbar disks and it IS very painful. I know it's easier for me now that my children are grown. My children and now my little grandchildren know that I can't pick them up. I eventually thought about how wonderful it would be to be free.....free of pain and worry about my condition getting worse. Didn't want more surgery, but that helped me make my decision. Of course,, decisions like that are personal to everyone and no one can advise or help make the decision....you will make the one that is right for you. You are in my prayers as you struggle with that......I know it's hard. Hugs and Blessings. Shirley

Oh, and even after that very long message…I forgot to say: I think it’s o.k. once in a while,to have a little pity party…we just can’t let them last very long. Then we take a deep breath and direct the energy to getting well. Little pity party, I say yes! After all, some of this stuff is hard to cope with. Shirley C

Suz: 6 hrs at a soccer field...OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you are ok today.

Carla , Abby , Joelene, Suz and everyone else here are an inspiration to me..you have all been good friends and helpful...for that I am so very grateful...

Hope ya all are doing ok today....one day at a time, right??



Susan, my dad was a preacher and he always said that God doesn't give us more than we can handle....I do believe that; the human spirit is very resilient and with God's help we do what we have to do. BUT......God sure does challenge us sometimes!!!!! I've lost both of my parents so I understand that birthdays and holidays are hard. My prayers are with you as you get through these days of remembrance of your mom. Hugs.