Epideral steroid injections

I was wondering has anyone had these epidermal steroid injections tions in their lower back. I had decompression surgery in March and another one in April for a spinal leak. My pain doc wants to do the injection s but I am scared. What is everyone's opinion on these. Please help

I had them prior to being diagnosed with CM and SM. I have wondered if they were a contributing factor on my CM/SM. They did not help when I was getting them (in my opinion, doc at the time had another opinion aka I was looking for a fix).

I would be careful especially with a spinal leak, cause it could cause more damage depending on what stage you are in (pre/post op). I have run across some info, if I find it I will send it to you, about how a spinal leak or any puncture involving CSF can worsen symptoms or re-herniate the cerebellar tonsils.

I would definitely had a very candid and pointed conversation with the doc doing it and see how to proceed from there.