My 1st Neurosurgeon appointment and he wants me to try steroid injections!

I just recieved my CM diagnosis on Jan 13 and had my appointment with a neurosurgeon yesterday. He wants me to try cervical steroid injections to relieve my shoulder/neck pain and jawline/ear/finger tingling. I have an appoinment in eight days, but this absolutely terrifies. I thought I had read somewhere that this could make my herniation worse. So I'm thinking I should cancel this appointment and ask my PCP for a referral to someone with more experience with Chiari. Am I right in thinking that those steroid shots could make my herniation worse? Also is anyone familiar with Dr. Recinos at the Cleveland Clinic. I live in southern WV so I'm looking for someone in the mid-atlantic region. Thanks so much!

I had steroid njection one week ago and so far I feel great. I also have herniated discs so they at least relieved that pain in my neck. I have slept well for the first time in months and am praying that they buy me some time. My dr was very careful to nut puncture into my fluid I think.

I have not had a headache in a week and I can turn my head from side to side.

I was scared but glad I did it. Good luck. I also read that it was not a good idea to get injections but I took a desperate leap of faith. My ns thinks my discs may be more of a problem then the cm. I will just wait and see. I have had neck pain for years but it had gotten to the point of disability to function. No fun

It was definitely a desperate decision, probably not the best one but I need a quick fix. I know I need to see a more qualified ns. The one I saw basically blamed everything on my disc issues. Living with chronic pain is a nightmare, and just the week of reduced pain made me feel alive again.

I had the injection done 4 months post-op. I personally didn’t like it and felt it made things worse. At the time I didn’t know they were bad for you. My NS sends quite a few patients to the pain managment doctor who does the injections. Just goes to show that they are not always as educated as they claim. Lol


I've had steroid injections b4....but not for Chiari and it did not help....some folks do get good results i hear...i am not sure if an injection would make the herniation bigger.

razzle posted some links...i think you will get goood info on them...i will check them out too.

good luck.



Thanks everyone. I cancelled the injection appointment, I'm not comfortable with getting them and also luckily not desperate enough to need them. My pain is managable. But I am on the search for another Dr. Someone who will take my diagnosis serious and want to monitor my condition.

I just responded to another post of yours, basically naming Dr. Recinos as a NS we have met with. See that post for details! I don't want to repeat it here again.